PPSSPP consists of a standard version and PPSSPP Gold, Here we compare PPSSPP for PC free and paid versions and tell which is best and why you had to install it. We always recommend our users download the Gold PPSSPP for PC for extra features and settings.

PPssPP Free

  • It is a free version of the PSP emulator available on the Play Store
  • The standard Free version gives limited access to the PSP emulator.
  • The free version also runs on the smart device, but the paid version gives smooth access to playing.
  • You can access the core features with the Free Version.

PPssPP GoldApk

  • The PPSSPP Gold apk is a paid version also available on the Play Store, but you can download it for free by using the apk.
  • The PPSSPP Gold apk PSP version gives you access to the best and most amazing Android PSP emulator with extra features.
  • The gold version will work perfectly and smoothly on smart devices, rather than standard
  • You get core as well as extra features, and you can also support the project’s development.
ppsspp gold for pc

As you can see, these two types are similar. The installation type choice is yours; if you only want to play PSP games, then the free version can do that work, but if you are interested in the project’s development and want to get extra benefits, then install the paid version known as PPSSP for PC Gold. If you want the gold version but worry about the cost, then no worries, you can download PPSSPP Gold for free with the PPSSPP Gold apk file, and the installation process is given below in detail.

PPSSPP for PC Installation

Gold is the paid version developed by https://ppsspp.org/, but it can be installed with the apk file for free and is available for Smart devices and PC and Laptops. PPSPP Gold apk installation is straightforward and easy, you only have to follow the steps below, and then the emulator will be installed on your PC or Laptop.

Gold PPSSPP for PC

The PC version of PSP Gold is also available. Some players love to play games on big screens rather than on mobile phones, so with this emulator, users can play PSP games by installing its apk version on their PCs for Windows as well as Macs without any cost. Installation on a PC is different from that on smart devices. Follow the guidelines given below to install this PPSSPP on a PC. Before installing the apk files, Bluestack is needed in the System Bluestack is a famous emulator that can help run Android games and applications on the PC very efficiently.

Bluestack Installation

Bluestack installation on PC and Mac is straightforward to download. Don’t worry if you do not know the installation process. Follow the guidelines given below to install it:

First, download the latest Bluestack version from this link and then follow the installation. Remember, you had to check before downloading whether it was compatible with your PC. So below, the system requirements are given; read them and then download Bluestack.

Requirement for System

The minimum system requirements that are required for Bluestack are given below. You had to check it before downloading the software to install the PPSSPP for PC smoothly

  • Your processor must be Intel or AMD
  • Windows 7 or above is the Operating System
  • At least 2GB of RAM must be in your PC
  • You must have an extra 5GB of Disk Space
  • The administrator must be you on the PC
  • Graphic drivers must be up-to-date from Microsoft or the cheapest vendors

Installation Steps

Install it by following the below steps after the BlueStack download is done:

  • Open the.exe or.dmg files that are downloaded on your PC
  • Install it, and After installation is finished, open the blue stack from the desktop icon.
  • The setup emulator will take some time. 
  • After the emulator setup is finished, it will be installed and completely opened. You can now install the PPSPP gold apk file.

Installation of Gold PPSSPP for PC on Bluestack

Now that Bluestack is installed on the PC, you can easily install the gold apk file. Installation steps for the PPSSPP Gold apk are given below:

  • Type the link on the browser and download the PPSSPP for PC Gold apk
  • Open the.apk file and install it as a standard.apk file after the download is done
  • Now go to the Bluestack home screen, and here you see PPSSP GoldAPK installed
  • You can open it, load your game, and enjoy the PSP games with premium features


πŸ‘‰With this emulator, can I play games on the PS2? 
Yes, All the PS2 games are accessible with PPSSPP gold.

πŸ‘‰Can I install PSP Gold without apk?
Yes, you can install PPSSP Gold without an apk by paying some amount from the Play Store.

πŸ‘‰How can all the features of this gold PPSSPP gold apk be unlocked?
You had to download the PPSPP Gold apk by using this link. After the application is downloaded and installed, all features are automatically unlocked.

πŸ‘‰My PC only has 3GB of free space. Can I download BlueStack?
No, you need a maximum of 5GB of free disk space if you want to download Bluestack.

πŸ‘‰I face an issue in the installation process of Bluestack. What can I do now?
You had to read the in-depth guide to BlueStacks Installation if you faced issues in the installation process. Visit this Website to read the guidelines.

πŸ‘‰Can I install Gold PPSSP for PC on Windows 8 without bluestack?
No, you cannot install it without Bluestack. You had first to download Bluestack, and with the help of this, you can install the PPSSP gold apk.

πŸ‘‰What is the procedure for downloading the PSP Gold apk 2022?
Download the newest PSSPPss Gold apk 2022 version from this link with the same procedure as given above. All the latest versions with updates are available on this website.

πŸ‘‰How can I download the PPSSPP Gold apk file for free?
Download the PPSSPP Gold apk file free from this link and follow the installation guidelines on your device.

πŸ‘‰With this emulator, can I play games on the PS2? 
Yes, All the PlayStation 2 games are accessible with the PPSSP Gold apk.

πŸ‘‰Are PPSSPs gold and PPSPP same?
No, they are not entirely the same. PSSPP Gold apk is a paid version of PPSPP with extra features and benefits, and you can support the project development with it. The PSP gold emulator gives better performance than the PSP.


We just shared a comparison between the free and paid versions, and if you want a paid version that is PsP Gold, download it from this website. The installation steps with requirements on the smart device and the PC with detailed steps are given. Any player or person can easily download the PSSPP Gold apk for free by installing it in easy steps. After it installs, you can play any PSP game with high-quality FPS. You can also customize the games according to your preferences. So, what are you waiting for? Download Gold PPSSPP for PC and enjoy all your favorite games with this great emulator.

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