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All people love and play racing games. Traffic Rider PPSSPP APK is one of the best racing games. It’s fun to play games alone, with family, or friends when you’re free. Even though most people are using their smartphones to play games in their spare time, the PSP version is still available. You can choose from many different types of games, such as adventure, sports, racing, fighting, etc. The most popular games for players are racing games. There is a wide variety of bike games, which give you the real experience of riding different types of bikes.

Soner Kara released Traffic Rider in July 2015, which is a racing bike game. The game is perfect for those who love bikes. This game is compatible with both IOS and Android mobile devices. Choose a motorcycle and race in different locations. The game provides a fun and exciting racing experience for those who like motorcycle games.

GamePlay of Traffic Rider PPSSPP APK

Traffic Rider gameplay is very simple. The objectives of the games revolve around riding a motorcycle through different areas in traffic and completing the missions. The player will have to select a motorcycle from different available models. The player can upgrade to an advanced-level motorcycle and add extra features when completing missions. After selecting the motorcycle, different missions start that include reaching a certain number of speeds, covering a specific distance, and many more. The player had to complete the mission to reach the next level and they can also earn virtual currency when they complete the mission objective. Using the virtual currency, the player can buy and upgrade their motorcycle.

The player can control the motorcycle by controlling the steering using the tier or touch screen of their mobile phone. The players had to avoid collisions with other vehicles because if you hit others in the traffic, your motorcycle may crash, and you had to restart the mission again.

Feature of Traffic Rider PPSSPP APK

The Traffic Rider APK game has many features, and some of the basic features are given below:

Bikes: The games contain 29 motorbikes, and all bikes have their characteristics and attributes, you had to select from them. Some bikes are locked and you can unlock them all by completing different missions or buy them by earning virtual currency when you complete a mission. Customization of the player-selected motorbike according to their choice are also available.

Environment: The game had different types of environments, including city streets, highways, and many more. The game also includes different day and night times with all the real-life weather conditions. You can select the environment according to your choice from the settings menu. This feature will give a realistic view of real-life bike riding and keep the player engaged in riding the bike in the traffic in these environments.

Graphics: Traffic Rider is available in HD graphics. Their 3D high graphics will create a realistic urban environment for the players.

Virtual Currency: The game contains various missions and objectives. The player had to complete them, and after completing it, they will get virtual currency which they can use to upgrade their motorbike or unlock the things that are locked.

Modes: The game contains four different modes, that are: time trial, career, endless, and free ride. The player can choose any one of them according to their preference and then start playing.

Sound: The games contain many realistic sounds according to the chosen environment. It includes the sound of motorcycle engines, traffic noises, and many more

Languages: This game supports 18 languages, so people from all over the world can play it without any complexity.

Traffic Rider Mod APK File Download

Traffic Rider Mod apk is the cheat and modified version of the actual game. The game is available for free on the Play Store, but some items are locked, and you have to complete the missions to unlock them or buy them with the virtual currency; if you download the game with the apk version, then you will get all items already unlocked. With this apk version, you will get all modes of the game for free. This game is officially available for mobile phones, and its PC version is not yet available, but you can play it on PC by downloading it’s apk version from the download button given below. If you do not know how to download and install the mod apk on your device, then don’t worry; a step-by-step procedure is provided to you in this article.

System requirements for Traffic Rider game

The minimum requirements of your phone and PC/Laptop to download and play this game are:

  • Android:  Android version 5 or higher with 2GB and a free storage of 350MB. 
  • IOS: IOS 9 or above with 350MB free storage
  • For PC/Laptops: Window 7 or higher with 4GB RAM. The processor will be an Intel or AMD Processor.


Can I install Traffic Rider PPSSPP APK free from the Play Store?

Yes, you can download this game for free from the Play Store, but you cannot get all the features; you have to unlock them by buying from virtual currency. You can get all the features unlocked if you download and install the game for free by using our Traffic Rider apk file. Download it from the button below and play it for free on any device.

Is it safe to download the Traffic Rider PPSSPP apk version?

Yes, if you download it from the authenticated website, then it is safe. Download the Traffic Rider PPSSPP apk version from our website without any worry and enjoy the game with unlimited features.

Traffic Rider Mod apk is the modified version of the actual game that provides you access to download and install the game for free on your mobile tablet and your PC. You will get all the locked features for free with all features. The step-by-step installation process, features, and minimum requirements are provided in detail. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Traffic Rider apk now and enjoy playing it. 

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