PSP vs PS2

Every PlayStation gamer wants to see the comparison of PSP vs PS2. Games are always a hobby for many children and adults. They can play their favorite games in their spare time. For playing games, many consoles are developed and released by many companies with different features. One of the consoles is the PlayStation, and every person played a PlayStation game in their childhood. Every person, especially gamers, wants to buy the best PlayStation, and when it comes to PlayStation, Sony Company always comes to mind. Sony has developed many PlayStation types, including the PSP, PS2, and many more. The details and comparison between the two PlayStations (PSP vs PS2) are described below.

PSP vs PS2


PSP stands for PlayStation Portable. It is a handheld gaming console that is developed and produced by Sony Entertainment. Sony made its entry into the portable game market with its first PSP release in 2004. The PSP contains advanced graphics capabilities and multimedia features and offers a wide range of games. The PSP features include games, a universal media disc, multimedia capabilities, and custom firmware. Many iterations of the PSP have been released by Sony, including the PSP Slim and Lite, PSP-3000, PSP Go, and PSP-E1000. All of these PSP models are different in design, features, price, and form factors. The Sony company discontinued further releases and ended PSP production and development in 2014.

Features of PSP

PSP features in detail are given below:

  • Games: Players can play different popular games that include action, adventures, fighting, etc. God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, and Grand Theft Auto. These are some popular series games that can be played on the PSP.
  • Multimedia Capabilities: On the PSP you can not only play games but also play music, watch videos, and see pictures. All these media can be stored on the Memory Stick Duo, and you can access them on the device.
  • Internet Connectivity: The PSP is a portable device, and it gives you internet connectivity support. You can connect your Wi-Fi to it and access the Internet.
  • Custom Firmware: The PSP community developed custom firmware that allows the user to run unofficial games and software on their devices.


PS2 stands for PlayStation 2. It is a legendary console for gaming that was developed by Sony and released in 2000. This PS2 became very famous after its release and was considered one of the best-selling video game consoles during that time. The PS2 features include a game library, multimedia capabilities, backward compatibility, online play, and slim models. The PS2 further release of games on this console has not happened, and the company stopped its production and development in 2013.

Features of PS2

PS2 features in detail are given below:

  • Games: PS2 has a great game library that allows players to play different popular games that include action, adventures, fighting, etc. God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, and Grand Theft Auto. These are some popular series games that can be played on the PSP.
  • Multimedia Capability: You can not only play games on the PS2 but also play DVDs and CDs on it.
  • Backward Compatibility: PS2 allows the feature of backward compatibility. These features give users access to their existing games on a new console.
  • Accessories: The PS2 provides a wide range of accessories that include memory cards for saving game progress, a multitap for connecting multiple controllers for multiplayer gaming, and the EyeToy camera for interactive gaming experiences. You can use these things while playing games on the PS2.

PSP vs PS2 Comparison

  • The PSP was designed for on-the-go gaming, and it is a handheld gaming device for smaller screens. It is a portable device with a built-in screen and controls.
  • The PSP had a 4.3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, and this design is very slim, so you can carry it wherever you want to go. The PSP had various hardware features such as a D-pad, analog thumbstick, buttons, and triggers similar to a traditional gaming controller.
  • The PSP CPU contains a variable clock that ranges from 1 to 333 MHz. It automatically saves power wherever possible by running at a lower speed
  • PSP has very good graphics and powerful processing not as as good as PS2
  • PSP consoles are designed especially for on-the-go-play that includes short sessions of gameplay and simple mechanics
  • The PSP is a portable console, so it has less memory.
  • PSP will support local multiplayer using its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity but if you want multiplayer, then it may be limited because of the screen size
  • PSP allows the player to get some online features for multiplayer gaming but these features are limited
  • PSP prices are low as compared to PS2 because PS2 has extra features and simulations, so its price is very high.
  • The PS2 is not portable as compared to the PSP. You had to connect the PS2 to a TV or display before it would work.
  • While PS2 hardware had a powerful Emotion Engine CPU with a Graphics Synthesizer GPU that allowed for more detailed graphics and improved processing capabilities, CD and DVD formats and both consoles for games and media playback are supported by it, but these things only work if you have a device with which you connect the PS2
  • While PS2 has no clock and runs at a speed of 300 MHz all the time. PS2 is faster than PSP because it has an extra booster that can run more than one instruction at a time.
  • PS2 graphics and processing power are more advanced than those of the PSP. 
  • The PS2 was designed for long and complex gameplay with more advanced mechanics than the PSP. The PS2 will offer players a more complex and deeper gameplay experience than the PSP and other game consoles.
  • PS2 is not portable so it contains a lot of memory and a lot of simulations
  • While in PS2, local as well as multiplayer support is allowed, and the user can play with multiplayer around the globe.
  • While on PS2, the online features are not limited; you can get an online feature for multiplayer and other things without any restriction.

PSP consoles were officially discontinued in 2014, while PS2 consoles were discontinued in 2013 by the Sony Company. PSP and PS2 are both gaming that allow the user to play their famous games. Both consoles had unique features, and their comparison and features are given below. The user can decide which console to buy.

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