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In this blog, we will discuss the unique gameplay of Pou PPSSPP. Many people love pets and want to play with them, feed them, and do a lot of things for them. Some children cannot afford pets, or they may not get permission to buy them, but don’t worry; you can play and feed them with a virtual game that allows you to play with your pets and see how they grow in a virtual environment. 

Pou apk is a virtual pet game developed especially for children and pet lovers by Paul Salameh and released in August 2012. This game involves a pet known as Pou, and the player will perform different activities on the pet, like feeding, etc. This game became famous after its release because of its simple and addictive gameplay. This game is best for kids. They can enjoy it with their virtual pet and learn many things.

Pou apk gameplay is very simple. You had an alien pet, and you performed different activities on him. You can feed him, play with him, clean it, travel with him, and buy many accessories for him. Pou power must be steady before the deadline. You can see which needs is required by visiting the top bar, where hunger, sleep, health, and toilets are displayed. If your pet is charging low, put him to sleep to power up his abilities. Pou app offers a lot of mini-games that you can play to get rewards, level up and unlock some features. You can buy customized items for your pet Pou by completing games and tasks and earning the in-game currency. With this currency, you can buy things for your pet. You can also invite your friends or visit other Pou with an internet connection. You can also play Pou-vs-Pou match as an opponent with other players. The phone mic in the game is also used for the playback voice during the match.


Pou apk game has a lot of features, and the details are given below:

  • Pet Care: The players can take care of their pets virtually. They can clean, feed or perform other activities on their pet.
  • Mini-Games: Different mini-games are available in this Pou apk. You can get rewards, coins and unlock different features if participating in these games.
  • Customization: You can uniquely customize your pet Pou by selecting different outfits like hats and other accessories. It can change your pet’s appearance according to your choice. You can also customize the Pou room with wallpaper, lap, etc.
  • Social Interaction: You can invite your friends and interact with them or with other people. You can watch how players do with their pets and join the Pou-vs-Pou match with your pet and the opponent’s pet.
  • Levels: The games had different levels. You can go t the next level by completing the level task or other activities, and after your level increases, you get many points and rewards from which you can buy different accessories for your pet.
  • Notification: Pou apk contains many time-based events that cheer players to open the game regularly. It also notifies you when the pet needs food if you are not playing the game.

Download the game for free from the play store or using apk files, and then you can have your own alien pet, Pou. Accompany your pet, feed him, and perform different activities on him. The game is free with ads, and you had to buy some features with cash in this game. The game is only available for mobile phones, but you can play it on your PC or laptop using an emulator and then load the game Rom or ISO files into it. Pou apk can be downloaded and installed easily by every person on their Android devices. The Pou apk can provide users the facility to download and play the game free without any advertisement and get unlocked features without paying cash. Its installation is available for an Android smart device, IoS, and PC/Laptop. If you do not know how to install apk files, don’t worry.

Pou ppsspp apk can also be downloaded on PC and laptops. You had to install an emulator for it. Install any authenticated emulator like PPSSPP or Blue stack etc.Before downloading the emulator do a proper research and install the best one because sometimes the emulator contains viruses. A step-by-step procedure for downloading and installing on a PC are:

  • Install the emulator here. I’m installing Bluestack
  • Download the Pou apk from the downloaded button given below.
  • After the apk file is downloaded. Open the blue stack emulator 
  • Click on the side panel where installation apk  is given,
  • Now browse to the location you save the downloaded file. Select that file.
  • After some seconds, the installation is finished. Now play and enjoy it.

Is an internet connection necessary to play this game?

No, an internet connection is not necessarily required. Some activities can be played without an internet connection, but an internet connection is needed if you want to play opponent matches or mini-games.

Can I install this game on PC without emulator?

No, you cannot play it without emulator. Emulator installation is necessary if you want to play Pou apk on a PC. It is an Android game, and the PC version is unavailable on the Play Store. So, with the help of an emulator, any mobile game can be played on the PC.

Can I install the Pou game free from the Play Store?

Yes, Pou ppsspp apk can be install free from the play store, but it contains ads. Some features of the game can be unlocked by paying money. Pou apk gives you access to download it free without any ads, and you can also use many features without giving money. So, download the apk file now from our website.

Pou ppsspp apk allows you to download and install the game for free without any ad on your mobile tablet or PC. The installation and downloading process, features, and minimum requirements are provided in detail. Download the Pou ppsspp apk form the button below and enjoy it.

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