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PPSSPP games are almost every gamer’s or user’s favorite games. The Gold PPSSPP apk application will help you access and play the most popular games. Here is a list of the best PPSSPP games that can be played by using the PPSSPP emulator:

The PPSSPP emulator has become #1 in the world of portable gaming, allowing gamers to relive the glory days of classic games on modern devices. With the ability to run highly compressed PPSSPP games effortlessly, this PSP emulator offers an impressive way to carry your favorite PPSSPP games with you wherever you go. One of the key advantages of the PPSSPP emulator is its flexibility in game selection. With the PPSSPP games download option, users can easily access a variety of modded games, ranging from action-packed adventures to Car racing. For those seeking an enhanced experience, they must download the PPSSPP Gold mod apk that unlocks premium features, further enhancing their gameplay.

These are some of the best PPSSPP games listed. You can download your favorite games from a different website and enjoy them. A detailed explanation of these games is as follows:

God of War – PPSSPP Games


Santa Monica Studio developed one of the most exciting action-adventure games, God of War, for PPSSPP Gold apk users. It was first released in 2005, and then its further series and parts were launched. This video game contains many series that blend action-adventure, hack-and-slash gameplay with Greek and Norse mythology elements. The game’s story is about the main character, a Spartan warrior named Kratos, who takes revenge against the gods of Olympus for their role in his tragedies. In the games, the main character fights with different mythological creatures, gods, and monsters in his search for vengeance and redemption. Its various parts had other features, but some of the overall characteristics of this series are intense combat, puzzle-solving, epic boss fights, Greek methodology strategy, and cinematic presentation with a visually stunning environment.

The game contains a campaign, and after completing the campaign, the player will get some extra unlockable features. Some of the other features that the player gets are, that they can participate in the environment building and the setting of Kratos, as well as explore many other new levels that are not available in the normal game mode, but they came as a bonus. It is a PSP game, but don’t worry; you can play it on your PC by downloading the PPSSPP emulator. Download the game’s ISO zip file from here or another website, and then load it into the emulator. Before downloading the game, check your system requirements.

System Requirments

The system requirements depend on the type or series of games you are downloading. The minimum system requirement for smart devices is Android version 5.1 with 2GB RAM, and for PC, the Windows must be 10, RAM of 8GB with a free space of 70GB, and the processor must be Intel i5-2500k (4 core 3.3 GHz) or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (4 core 3.1 GHz).

989 MB

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: PPSSPP Games


Naruto’s Ultimate Ninja Storm is a fighting game developed by Cyber Connect 2. Its first part was released in 2008, and further parts followed. The game is based on the animated and manga series Naruto. It consists of many parts, and each depends upon the previous one, with some improvements in gameplay, graphics, and content. The games are best known for their fast-paced, 3D arena-based combat and faithful recreation of characters and events from the “Naruto” series. Its features include a big playable character, 3D arena combat, story mode, a stunning and interactive environment, team battles, online multiplayer, and free exploration. Download the game’s ISO zip file, and then load it into your downloaded PPSSPP emulator. The system requirements for this game depend on the part you are downloading.

The minimum requirement for mobile devices is an Android device of version 5 with 2GB RAM, and for PC, the Window must be 7, 2GB RAM with 8GB free space, and the processor must be Intel Core2 Duo, 3.0 GHZ -AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400 + 3.2GHz.

Downhill– PPSSPP Games


Downhill Domination is a PS2 racing game developed by Incognito Entertainment. It was released in 2003 by Sony Computer Entertainment. If you love racing, you have to play this game. It also contains a battle mode in which players can compete in a race against each other. Its features include mountain biking, tricks and stunts, riders, and teams, customization, multiplayer, riders and teams, and a variety of tracks and environments. You can play this PS2 game on your Android phone or PC with a PPSSPP emulator. Download the emulator and then download the game’s ISO zip file from another website. The minimum requirement for downloading this game on phones are Android 5.1 version with 2GB free space, and for PCs, the Windows must have a processor with an Intel core i5. RAM must be 4-8 GB with 5GB free storage.

Cheat the Warriors– PPSSPP Games


The Warriors is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Toronto. The video game was based on the 1979 Warrior movie and was released in 2005. The games offer different features that submerge players in urban violence, and the gritty world of street gangs: storyline and adaptation, character switching, gang-based gameplay, character switching, rage, and melee combat, a variety of missions, street bawls, and Confrontations. It also contains many cheat codes that can allow game players to access different unlock effects and make the game more interesting. There, Cheat codes can give access to everything, earn extra money in games, and unlock gang radio. You can access the full flash meter by pressing the keys Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, R1, and R2 during gameplay, and for the full rage meter, Press Down, Down, Up, Up, R1, and R2 during gameplay. For invincibility, Press Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, R1, R1 during gameplay. Remember, cheat codes can affect some game progress; you cannot earn achievements or trophies. You can play this PS2 game on your Android phone or PC with a PPSSPP emulator.

The minimum requirements for downloading this game on phones are Android 7.1 version with 2GB free space, and for PC Windows 10 with 4GB RAM and 13GB free space, and the processor must be Intel i5. You can download or see the cheat code of the Warriors game from any other website. With PPSSPP, you only need a single cheat file and then enable the cheat option in your emulator, and your cheats will be enabled for this game. You don’t need to type them manually, which is the best feature of this emulator.

GTA san andreas – PPSSPP Games


There is a long list of PPSSPP games that you can freely download and play, but also it is compatible with all PS2 games. This allows players to revisit the classics that define a generation, all within the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. The availability of PSP Gold APK and the option to run free ROMs for PSP open doors to a vast world of gaming possibilities. Even users with PSP iOS devices can rejoice as the emulator supports various platforms, making it a versatile choice for gaming on the go. When we talk about ppsspp games, we may talk about GTA San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the 7th main entry of the most popular GTA series games. It is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and released in 2004 by Rockstar Games. It is a well-known game just because of its expansive open world, diverse gameplay elements, and engaging narrative. The game’s features include a storyline, mission, open world, driving, vehicle, customization, gang mechanics, combat and weapons, mini-games and activities, diverse interaction, and cultural references. The minimum requirements for downloading this game on phones are Android version 5.1 with 2GB RAM, and for phones, the Windows version must be 7 or higher with 1GB RAM and 3GB free space.

79 MB


👉How can I save my progress in the game using this PPSSPP emulator on my phone?
You can save your progress in the game in PPSSPP on your phone this way:
ou can see the five empty slots by pressing the back button of your phone and then clicking on the save state; your games will be saved in this way. Now, if you want to resume from where you stopped, click on the load state button below the save state button. When you click on load state, your games will continue, and your progress will be saved.

👉Are all these games free of cost?
They are not free if you download them from the official website, but you can download the game from the ISO zip file from the authenticated website and then download them for free.

👉How can I load the game in this emulator?
Visit the link page, and the step-by-step procedure for loading the game in PPSSPP gold is given there.


We explain some of the best PPSSPP games and their system requirements that can be played on your phone and PC with the PPSSPP Gold emulator. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a gamer or a regular game user and want to play these games on your device, download PPSSPP Gold now.

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